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Local SEO Marketing

Google+ Local has replaced Places in the Spring. Is your Page optimized for Google Searches, Maps and through their Mobile applications ?

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Google+ Local

With Google+Local, your business page listing will be available in Google+ through Search while a User is logged in. The Local listings appear in a users Google searches for products or services (your keywords), Google Maps and my favorite - Google Mobile Apps. It is very important to always think of the End User, Subscriber and Reader in mind but also how they access "Information" on the web - SmartPhone, CPU, Laptop, Tablet and the very near future Google Eyes.

Search Marketing with Google+ Local

Right now Google+ has around 111 million users actively participating on the Google Social Network. Businesses understand the impact of Google in terms of Local Search but also the opportunity to optimize their Internet Marketing using Cost Effective Tools such as Social Media Marketing, Email Campaigns, Google Ads, Press Releases, StumbleUpon Distribution and more. Google has always said, "Content is King" and it rewards you with higher rankings when you can create content that is appealing and educational in the eyes of a Reader.

A Google+ Local Page looks almost the same as a Google+ Page and  has same similar functionality to gain new "Followers" and use engagement to speak directly through messages or posts to drive offsite traffic conversion. By adding pictures, you can tag them as well as saving them to be "Web Friendly" - the idea is to create a page similar to Facebook in terms of content and media friendly photos, notes, videos and updates. A Local Page is very similar to a Facebook Page. 

Facebook right now has over 1,000,000,000 Registered Users and its Fan Pages for
Businesses is the #1 Social Media Tool to directly market and engage your prospective customer base. Everything will change with Google+Local because of the Search implications. Now, although Facebook has the users, Google has the Search Traffic - Just in North America they dominate the Search Engines by about 66%, with rates higher in other parts of the World. 

Think what you want, another Social Media Fad, but this one has to deal with Local Search, Search in General and Off-Site Conversion through ZAGAT.

Social Media, Google, Facebook and other new technologies have altered how a business gets perceived before a purchase is made or even a phone call for information is placed. Word of Mouth was the 20th Century Trusted and Proved Marketing Method of Choice - The 21st Century applies the same principle, except it is the Digital Word of Mouth through reviews, comments, posts, blogs and more. The consumer experience now takes a much more digital approach. If a customer is irate or happy they can tweet, blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc - the information they submit gets generated to their network of friends, family, co-workers, associates and more. So you can see how it is important to maintain a healthy Digital "Image". 

Google recently acquired the industry standard when it comes to Reviews - ZAGAT. Not only did they buy the trusted source, they are integrating their famous 30 point system into Google+ Local Customer Reviews. Users are encouraged to give an honest review on local businesses they have visited. The reviews can be private or public and can also be shared among "Google Circles".

Google is using a blended form information pertaining to of how close you are to the business,online listings, positive customer reviews as well as other factors to achieve Local SEO results. Do what you can to impact those elements you have control over, and your Local SEO Rankings should improve, driving more customers to your business.

How Do I Manage my Google+ Local Search

Here are some tips to manage your Local Search rankings on Google.
Google+ Local: Claim your listing on Google+ Local. If you have not claimed your space, find your listing on Google+ Local and go through the steps that Google outlines to claim your listing.
ZAGAT Reviews: Customers review your business online is the new 21st Century "Word of Mouth". Now Google is distributing your Customers Input and it also increases your business rankings in Google's Maps and Places results. In order to receive an official Google "Local Ranking" you will need to have at least 10 Reviews from "REAL" Customers. Positive reviews results in a good Google+ Local score.
Online Listing: A Listing is a place online that contains your business name, address, and phone number. Consistency is Key, make sure EVERY Listing Matches your Google+ Local listing. It is important that every time your business is mention and listed online that is matches your Google+ Local listing.
Local SEO Website Optimization: We can spend days discussing what can be done. I am a personal advocate of Quality Content along with a Strong Search Engine Marketing campaign as well as other off site marketing campaigns. In addition to these tips and others, here are a few others to keep your Business Google+ Local listing at the top of Google's Mind.
  • Consistent Online Listing of your Business - Same Address, Phone number, etc; even if you use Street vs St. vs ST. vs ST - Consistency is Key!
  • Title tags, Meta descriptions and content with local search elements like City, State and Zip Codes on your site.
  • Include a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) Code on your website. A KML, is basically a file created using Google earth and how it integrates with other Google Owned Properties. 
To learn more about Local SEO or to schedule your complimentary Web Assessment with one of the SMDigital experts please email Social@SMDigitalPartners.com or call 954.606.5870. 
 Authored By - Lenny Mauricio Gomez from Subject Marketing

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