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4 Reasons Why Local SEO is Important

Local SEO is important for businesses to use as a digital marketing strategy because people generally use Google and other search engines to find local business information such as directions, coupons, menus and telephone number.

Small Business and Fortune 500 companies have been using local search engine optimization strategies for a few years now. If your business isn’t using local SEO, you may be losing out on a quality stream of free search traffic.  

Four Reasons Why Local SEO Marketing Is Important:

Inexpensive Advertising

If you are using Google AdWords or Pay-Per-Click Campaign you know that you have to pay for the keywords that you are targeting. On some campaigns clicks can range from a few pennies all the way to a couple hundred dollars. The more popular the keywords are, the more money you pay.

By choosing local keywords will lower your Google Adwords Campaign lower which means you spend less on your keywords.

Let’s say you own a Acupuncture Practice company in Delray Beach, Fl. If you want to purchase “Acupuncturists” for AdWords, you’ll spend a lot of money. If you choose “Delray Beach Acupuncture” you’ll spend a lot less, on average $3.63 cents per click.

The beauty of Local SEO Marketing is that you can insert local keywords into your website, blogs and social media. In terms of building out citations, it is important to be congruent with (Local NAP) and make sure all your information is accurate.

It helps prospective customers find your business online

39 percent of Internet users say that they frequently have problems finding local businesses online. They know that the businesses exist, but they can’t find anything about them on the Internet.

If your business provides a product or service locally and/or regionally, your site needs to be optimized to show up in the search engine results.

If your small business provides products or services locally and/or regionally, your website or web presence needs to be optimized for local search engine results.

It helps prospective local costumers find the websites and information they are looking for in their hometowns. 
And that helps your business be found on the web.

Research shows People use the Internet when searching for Local Businesses

83 percent of consumers use search engines to find local businesses. The days of phone books and 411 are gone. Prospective consumers use the internet to find information about a business.

Ties in with other Enhanced Google features

Google+ Local has already changed how people find your business listing on Google. By adding local SEO keywords to your website, social media pages, blogs and Google+ Profile it allows Google to offer its own Google Users services that help your business rank online such as :
  • Map of your Business
  • Pictures of your Business
  • Coupons for your Business
  • Reviews posted by other users

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