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SMDigital, a certified Google Adwords agency with 10 years of Internet Marketing experience helps businesses grow through Responsive Web Design, SEM, PPC and Social Media.

Responsive Web Designs

2013: The year when mobile-connected devices will exceed the world's population. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a design approach to crafting websites that provide user experience with the best possible screen view based on the device they are using; desktop monitors, mobile phones and tablets. 

SMDigital Partners is a Responsive Web Designer in South Florida, USA.

A Responsive Website allows users to experience easy reading and optimal navigation with out having to resize, pan or scroll on your device. 

Responsive Design detects a user’s screen resolution and browser size and automatically rearranges the design to look best on that particular device.

As speeds get faster and faster & chips get smarter and smarter, you can expect the popularity of Smartphones to explode in 2013 through out all demographics. 

Here are some statistics that examine the growth of mobile device use:

  • 87% American adults who own a cell phone 
  • 84% Cell phone owners who could not go a single day without their device 
  • 81% Growth of smartphone usage in 2012 
  • 70% Growth of global mobile data traffic in 2012 
  • 51% Traffic on mobile devices from video in 2012 
  • 45% American adults who own a smartphone 
  • 44% Cell phone owners who have slept with their phone nearby because they didn’t want to miss a notification 
  • 31% American adults who own a tablet computer 
  • 24% Cell phone owners who say the worst thing about their device is that they are always connected 
  • 7-fold Difference in mobile data usage on laptops compared with mobile devices 
  • 12-fold Mobile traffic in 2012 versus entire Internet in 2000 

SMDigital Partners is a Full Service Digital Agency

SMDigital Partners is a full-service digital agency that creates award winning responsive web design and development solutions.

Our talented team of dedicated professionals will bring together your vision and ideas into reality with creativity, technology, and marketing to deliver measurable results.

SMDigital has been involved in diverse types of design and development projects including content management, creative web design, responsive web design, social networks, search engine marketing, local seo marketing and ecommerce implementations.

Learn more at www.SMDigitalPartners.com

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