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Google Enhanced Campaigns

Google has recently announced the switch to Enhanced Campaigns. Google Ads in all campaigns will have the ability to to be seen across all devices. A prospective buy will see the same ad whether they are using a smartphone, tablet or desktop. 

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Google Enhanced Campaign in action:

A Doctor is ramping up its Google Enhanced Campaign. During normal business hours, users who are researching via a mobile device will be served ads with a call to action with wait times, an address with one-click directions, and a click-to-call phone number. 

Desktop users will see enhanced campaigns that focus on coupons with a tracking phone number and expanded sitelinks to service / offer pages. After hours, when the doctor closes, the ads with links to the service form take place of the phone numbers. The idea with this is to serve the proper ad to the proper medium depending on what time of the day it is. 

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