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Mobile Gains Prominence Among Users Worldwide

More and more customers are using their mobile devices and tablets to access the internet but also perform web searches looking for information. Mobile Advertising is just beginning to be used as an effective online marketing channel and SMDigital has over 10 years of Mobile Marketing Experience. 

The year 2015 is one that Personal Computers will remember. It is expected that the number of users accessing the Internet via mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets will outpace the number of users searching on their personal computers or laptops.

The irony, is that the total investment spent into mobile advertising is not on par with the amount of time users spend with their mobile devices.

Mobile and Tablet Devices occupy about 12% of our time however only 3% of total advertising investment, whereas traditional/print advertising takes about 23% of total advertising investment when only users devote 6% of their time engaging.

As Mobile Marketing in Florida continues to gain on traditional marketing, SMDigital Partners of South Florida understands Local Search Engine Marketing but also how Smartphones and Tablets are indexed through Search Engines and the path that customers take online to find you. Another helpful tip is to convert your current website into a Responsive Website for end user maximum usability across all platforms (Smartphones, Tablets, PCs & Laptops).

As the world becomes less reliant on Personal Computers and Mobile Devices become smarter and more accepted, the shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing will see some new innovations in how we present the correct message to the correct platform, whether it be through a Smartphone, Tablet, iWatch, Google Glass or a PC, SMDigital Partners will continue to push the boundaries of digital marketing. 

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Written By Lenny Mauricio Gomez 
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